The Who, What, Where, When, and, most importantly, How.. 

The name is Sherif Shicco.. Coming from an artistic family background,
He couldn't help but to be well interested & enthusiast about design & art.

Rebelled from his grandpa’s fashion design expertise, his mother & uncles photography careers & his sister's interior & cake design industries; he start self learning web design & all of its technical surroundings since the year 2000 when internet in Egypt was driven on dial up connection..

Lots of people helped him throughout his career from a German friend who taught him HTML coding online up till his seniors at fileclub studio in Cairo who taught him how to deal with clients, quotations & engage in pitches till he became the head of the new media art department at the same well respective art hub.

In these last 14 years he was able to in dependably be self taught in dozen of areas ranging from graphic design, web design, branding, typography, user interface, user experience, video editing, 2D animation along with various academic studies like marketing, media, communication, business administration & web analytical studies.

This all helped - along with his strive of continuous self upgrading - to develop this unstoppable career which is heading towards tablet & mobile application design along with an extensive user experience & interaction studies.
His objective is to continuously expand upon his design skills and apply them to an expanding spectrum of media related companies within a creatively challenging role.
He also aspire to broaden his professional experience and skills within various related areas.

Specialties: Web/Mobile/Graphic Design