Website proposal for CAT
(Creative Arab Talent)
Where CAT is:
CAT The 1st full fledged artist management agency in the MENA.
CAT Provides professional representation, PR, marketing & production development services to a selected rooster of diverse talents.
CAT Plans & plots career paths, oversees the day-to-day business affairs, advise & council talents concerning long-term plans & personal decisions which affect their careers.
CAT Discovers young & fresh talents, package them to enhance their careers, leveraging on its vast resources, networks & experience to maximise opportunities for them across all facets of their business activities.
And their objective for their website were:
Become the main hub for CAT services & talents to Increase awareness, Drive Traffic & Allow interaction with online users.
Also to Attract advertisers to generate a new revenue stream & Monetization of content (if needed in the future).
Website Option
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