i-MATERIAL Brand Identity options

Why do you need a clear and cohesive visual identity system?
An entire book could be devoted to this question, but the simplest reason is this: I Material will be perceived clearly, or with confusion. The audience will form an opinion that is positive, or negative, never neutral. A strong and consistent visual language projects clarity, confidence, and unity.
Who Are (I Material) primary audiences and constituents?
A wide range including newly weds, arts enthusiast, mid aged  couples, interior designers, consultants, contractors & B2Bs.
Who Should (I Material) audience be?
Anyone who wants to fill their eyes and surround themselves with uniqueness, artistic masterpieces and decorative accessories.
Who Are (I Material) competition?
Being unique, different and new; I Material feels it have no competitors and its logo should help keep it this way.
I MATERIAL Logo guiding attributes :
Creative, Artistic, Clean, Honest, Innovative, Specialized, Original, Unique, Custom made, Precious (Diamond)
i-MATERIAL the chosen one
Brand Identity Guidelines
I-MATERIAL Brand System, Identity, regulations and usage guidelines.

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